Coinchase – World’s First Community-focused Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinchase – World’s First Community-focused Cryptocurrency Exchange and Crowdfunding Platform brings awesome opportunities for every crypto enthusiast. As every newbie always looking for something FREE to try and test, Coinchase has the right solution for them.


Keep check-in for 5 years and get up to 1.67 BTC for free, The rewarded BTC can be withdrawn at any time.

According to your level, you will be receiving a reward of BTC each day by check-in.

Join Coinchase

You can invite your friends to trade cryptocurrency on Coinchase to increase your level. Inviting friends to Coinchase to trade cryptocurrency will be rewarding as you will be getting up to 30% commission.

LevelNumber of BTC available for check-in every dayCondition
L12 SatoshiAll Users
L23 SatoshiInvite 5 friends to register
L35 SatoshiInvite 10 friends to register
L410 SatoshiInvite 20 friends to register
L520 SatoshiInvite 40 friends to register
L630 SatoshiInvite 60 friends to register
L750 SatoshiInvite 100 friends to register
L870 SatoshiInvite 200 friends to register
L990 SatoshiInvite 300 friends to register
L10100 SatoshiInvite 500 friends to register

2. Keeping check-in will increase your BTC reward corresponding to the level, if it is interrupted, it will start again, starting from the number corresponding to your level.

3. If your level is L10, you will get 1.6653 BTC after 5 years of daily check-in. Calculations are shown in the below table.

Check-in daysBTC received on daily check-inCumulative BTC
First day100 Satoshi100 Satoshi
Second day200 Satoshi300 Satoshi
Third day300 Satoshi600 Satoshi
Fourth day400 Satoshi1,000 Satoshi
Fifth day500 Satoshi1,500 Satoshi
First-year36,500 Satoshi0.0667 BTC
Second-year73,000 Satoshi0.2665 BTC
Third-year109,500 Satoshi0.5995 BTC
Fourth-year146,000 Satoshi1.0658 BTC
Fifth-year182,500 Satoshi1.6653125 BTC

If your level is L1, you will receive 0.0333 BTC after 5 years of daily check-in. You can upgrade your level by inviting friends to Coinchase to trade cryptocurrency.
4. The rewards for check-in will be deposited instantly and can be withdrawn anytime.
5. Coinchase does not allow any user to check in by cheating. If you cheat, all the checked-in rewards will be canceled.
6. Due to changes in the market environment, the existence of fraud risks, etc., Coinchase reserves the right to make final adjustments to the check-in rules at any time.

Invite friends to register Coinchase to improve your level and get more check-in rewarded BTC.

Join Today to receive 200 CCH Tokens as Sign-Up Bonus.

Join Coinchase

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