📢 Get your Base Genesis Builder NFT

Base Genesis Builder NFT is an exciting opportunity for developers to participate in the growth and development of the Base network. With the aim of bringing one billion users on-chain, Base is actively encouraging developers to launch their products on the Base Mainnet and offering hands-on support and focus.

Base Genesis Builder NFT
Base Genesis Builder NFT

The Genesis Builder NFT serves as a commemorative token that developers can earn by deploying their decentralized applications (dapps) on Base and joining the network’s mainnet launch in early August. It symbolizes their contribution to the ecosystem and represents their status as pioneers in shaping the future of on-chain products.

Base Genesis Builder NFT

Here is a step-by-step process to mint Base Genesis Builder NFT

Add the Base Mainnet network to Metamask:

    • Open Metamask and click on the network selection dropdown.
    • Select the “Custom RPC” or “Add Network” option.
    • Enter the following network details:
    • Click “Save” or “Add” to add the Base Mainnet network to Metamask.

Transfer ETH to the specified address:

    • From your Ethereum wallet, initiate a transfer of at least 0.001 ETH(mint nft only) or 0.01 ETH(deploy smart contract) to the address: 0x49048044D57e1C92A77f79988d21Fa8fAF74E97e.
    • Make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet to cover the transaction fees.

Sign a message on BaseScan:

    • Open BaseScan (https://basescan.org/verifiedSignatures#).
    • Click on “Sign Messages.”
    • In the message field, paste the following text: “all your base are belong to you.” (without quotes) followed by a dot.
    • Click “Publish” and then “View Signature.”
    • Copy the “Signature Hash” that is generated.

Connect Metamask to the mint contract:

Mint the Base Genesis Builder NFT:

    • In the mint contract interface, select “Write Contract.”
    • Choose the “mint” function.
    • Paste the “Signature Hash” (copied in step 3) into the appropriate field.
    • Click the “Write” button to initiate the minting process.

Confirm the transaction:

    • A Metamask popup will appear, showing the details of the transaction.
    • Review the transaction details, including gas fees.
    • If everything looks correct, click “Confirm” to proceed with the transaction.
    • Wait for the transaction to be processed and confirmed on the blockchain.

Verify your minted NFT:

    • Once the transaction is confirmed, you can check the Mint transaction on BaseScan.
    • Visit BaseScan (https://basescan.org) and navigate to the “ERC721 Token Txns” section.
    • Look for your transaction and verify that the NFT has been minted successfully.
*Note: There is no front-end interface for minting, please use a developer tool to call the contract directly. Use any third-party interface and/or tools at your own risk.

To claim the Base Genesis Builder NFT

The process to claim the Base Genesis Builder NFT involves deploying the dapp’s contract, verifying and publishing the contract source code via Basescan, and submitting the contract for decoding via Dune. To earn a Base Genesis Builder NFT, a dapp must deploy on Base and complete the on-chain application at builder.base.org.

There are three tiers to the Genesis Builder NFT, corresponding to the time of deployment:

  • 🥇Gold Tier: submit the eligible application by mainnet GA in early August
  • 🥈Silver Tier: submit eligible applications by the end of August
  • 🥉Bronze Tier: submit the eligible application by the end of September.

Base Genesis Builder NFT Tiers

Base Genesis Builder NFT Tiers

Deploy your dapp on Base starting today and come to mainnet with us in early August.

Starting now

  • Deploy your dapp’s contract
  • Verify and publish contract source code via Basescan
  • Submit contract for decoding via Dune
  • Connect the deployer wallet to builder.base.org and
  • complete the form (<2min)
Do not deploy your front end until our Mainnet GA launch in early August, when open Base for everyone.

At Mainnet GA in early August

Deploy your dapp’s front-end on Base

  • Share with your community on Discord / Twitter (tag @BuildOnBase).
  • Check your wallet for the Genesis Builder NFT in the following weeks.
  • Connect your wallet and Discord to the Base Guild, granting you access to a gated Discord channel.

Mint “Base Genesis Builder NFT” today.

Once the mainnet launch takes place, developers can deploy their dapp’s front-end on Base and share it with their community on Discord and Twitter. They can also look forward to receiving the Base Genesis Builder NFT in their wallets in the following weeks, signifying their accomplishment and granting them access to a gated Discord channel within the Base Guild.

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Overall, the Base Genesis Builder NFT program presents an exciting opportunity for developers to be part of the growing ecosystem, showcasing their dapps, and earning recognition for their contributions to the Base network’s expansion and adoption.


Cryptocurrency investments carry risks. Please conduct thorough research and consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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