ProBit Global Referral Program Earn Fees as a Reward

PROBIT referral program

ProBit Global provides a referral program that enables users to refer their friends and earn 10-30% of their referee’s incurred trading fees as a reward.

Referral bonus amount

The referral bonus amount will range from 10-30% depending on how many PROB is staked. The more you stake, the higher your referral bonuses!

[RECOMMENDED] Staking 100,000 PROB is highly recommended as you will receive 30% referral bonuses (


Referral bonus distribution time

Daily referral bonuses will be distributed on the next day between 0:00 KST-24:00 KST. Rewards can be viewed by accessing your distribution history:

How to refer friends

  1. Log in and access your unique referral code here:
  2. Share your referral code with your friends.
  3. Once your friends sign up with or manually enter your referral code when registering, you’re all set.


  • Referral codes for ProBit Global are unique to the specific platform being used.
  • Once a referee signs up on ProBit Global, all trading fees incurred on the specific platform will apply toward distributed referral bonuses.
  • Trades that are deemed to be irregular or illegitimate will not be eligible for referral bonuses.
  • Referral bonuses are not applicable to trading pairs included in trading competitions or when PROB is used to pay transaction fees.

ProBit Global will Support the SongBird (SGB) Airdrop for XRP (XRP) Holders.

Buy Tokens at a HUGE Discount

ProBit Exclusive is a premium secondary listing where ProBit users can subscribe to and purchase popular pre-selected tokens with lucrative discounts before the token gets listed on ProBit. The tokens selected will be liquid, established tokens with a respectable market cap.

👉 ProBit Exclusive will guarantee that all participants get a piece of the pie. In the event of an…

Oversubscription: In the case that user demand is more than the token supply designated for the ProBit Exclusive quota, all participants will receive tokens proportionately less than their originally purchased amount. For example, if 1m tokens were supplied for ProBit Exclusive, but 2m tokens were subscribed for by users, everyone will receive half the amount subscribed.

Under subscription: If not all tokens have been claimed, all participants will receive their originally purchased amount.

🔥 Get the Hottest Tokens

Many promising blockchain projects are already lined up to participate in ProBit Exclusive!

Probit Global has already onboarded several of the Top 200 tokens to give all users a chance to acquire some of the hottest tokens at very big discounts with readily abundant liquidity.

🔜 How to Buy Tokens at ProBit Exclusive

Find out what’s the next ProBit Exclusive Token up for discounts and countdown here with us!
Stay tuned for more updates and information on which of the top tokens will be featured, discount rates, dates, and more.


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