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CPLAY Network Token
CPLAY Network Token

CPLAY Network Token Airdrop

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About CPLAY Network Token

The CPLAY Network is a privacy-protected crypto ecosystem that will launch the world’s first global crypto app store, which will include a non-custodial walletadstation, and highly secure 2FA shield software.

By developing a privacy-protected crypto ecosystem, the objective is to provide a one-stop solution for cryptocurrency users, business platforms, advertisers, and ad providers.

Governance Token CPLAY

The CPLAY network will create a privacy-protected crypto economy, with the entire ecosystem powered by its governance token CPLAY. As a consequence, our network’s in-house goods, in addition to other cryptocurrencies, will allow payment in CPLAY tokens.

CPLAY has a total supply of 1000000000 and is developed on the world’s most popular smart chain, Binance. Token supply is restricted, and a certain number of tokens have been set aside for IDO and IEO sales.

Token Specification

Token Distribution

The overall number of CPLAY tokens is restricted, with 10% earmarked for the next IDO and 15% allocated for the IEO sale, as well as a 5% targeted soft cap. According to the whitepaper, we have a specified number of token allocations for Bounty, Airdrop, Contributor, and team, and 40% of tokens will burn by following specific dates. CPLAY governance Token is being implemented on the most popular Binance smart chain (BEP20) to provide reduced costs and quicker transaction services for the community.

  • 50% IDO
  • 5% Bounty
  • 2% Airdrop
  • 10% Team
  • 20% Burn
  • 10% Contributor
  • 3% Social Influencer

Cplay Feature

Cplay is a one-stop solution for all crypto needs for every crypto enthusiast. Cplay offers all major services in one place and it includes many features such as inbuild crypto wallets, ad serving platforms, higher-level security, etc.

Cplay Products

World’s FIRST Crypto App Store
Crypto App Store is the world’s first worldwide crypto app store, where any cryptocurrency business platform may list its official mobile apps. CPLAY will open up new options for crypto-based Apps. It is easy to use and privacy protected. With Crypto App Store anyone can start to earn revenue. And at the same time can also promote apps too.

Cplay Wallet

CPLAY wallet is a super-secure non-custodial wallet that will establish crypto user’s complete control on their crypto assets by protecting their privacy at a time. CPLAY holders can use it.

2FA Shield

CPLAY 2fa shield is a super-secure token generator 2fa software that will ensure user’s account security from unwanted attacks. 2FA software has all modern features and its responsive design will provide a user-friendly experience to users. Software users can import their devices through QR code scan or by using keys manually.


CPLAY offers Freedom of Crypto Business with Adstation. Adstation is a crypto-oriented online advertising platform. Aim to help crypto-based business platforms to create, manage and grow their online advertisement globally.


Q1 – Q2: 2021
Market Research
Network Preparation
Core Product Selection
CPLAY Network Goal Set

Q3 – Q4: 2021
In-house Product Development Plan
UI/UX Development Start
CPLAY Token Deploy
Whitepaper Release
Website Launch

Q1 – Q2: 2022
IDO Sale Ends
Exchange Listing and Liquidity Add
CPLAY Wallet Launch & Staking Start
Token Burn -10%
App store launch

Q3 – Q4: 2022
Adstation Launch
2FA Launch
Token Burn – 10%
Network Development and marketing Continue…


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