Cylum Token Airdrop: Claim Airdrop of CYM Token

A Sustainable Auto-Staking, Compounding & Burning Protocol A Robust Auto Staking System. Earn up to 395,677% APY in just 365 Days.Cylum

Technical innovation and the technology that humans use have a vital role in human survival development. In addition, each epoch has its own set of technological hallmarks. The crypto market is one of the defining characteristics of our time. Despite having AI, machine learning, and a plethora of other technologies at our disposal. Money is the cornerstone for all improvements, and one of the most admired ideals is bringing about a big financial revolution. NFT in conjunction with the metaverse is still a developing technology that can expand in any direction and at any moment. And before digging deeper into technology, people will always need an outstanding partner.


Purchasing virtual land, such as LAND – a piece of digital real estate in The Sandbox – is one-way individuals are using NFTs in the metaverse. These virtual locales employ NFTs to prove ownership of certain portions inside a virtual environment instead of a tangible deed.

Total spending on NFTs hit $12.6 billion by the end of 2021, and some of the ways purchasers earn passive returns (residual income) and maximize the potential of their investments include:

  • NFTs that generate income
  • Investing in Nested NFTs

Cylum would, in general, integrate nested NFTs and provide value to the metaverse by changing and enhancing the functionality of virtual goods.

Claim CYM Token

How to Claim CYLUM Token Airdrop?

  • Visit the CYLUM Airdrop Page.
  • Connect your wallet to the web portal.
  • Join CYLUM’s Telegram Channel.
  • Join CYLUM’s Telegram Group.
  • Submit the code in their TG group that will be available on the page ( Just copy and paste the code in their group no extra commands are needed).
  • Follow them on Twitter & retweet the pinned post.
  • Complete the other social tasks to get more tokens.
  • Submit your social details.
  • Share your ref link to earn more!
  • Check the official post to know more about the airdrop.

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