СrоwnСоin PrеSаlе and АirDrоp is Live Claim Your CC Token Airdrop

A series of powerful features to guarantee price increase.СrоwnСоin

CrownCoin is a 100% community-driven token, the team only holds 5% tokens, no pre-mining, and 100% pre-sale is used to add liquidity.

CrownCoin(CC) Community Airdrop

Airdrop Amount: 300,000,000,000,00 CC (10%)

Distribution rules

30% bnb referral rewards from each purchase, instant crediting

Airdrop 9,000,000 CC = $5

Claim Airdrop Token

CrownCoin Token Contract

  • Contract Address: 0x8273Bf1cf9BA23ae5083AcfFB96DCD447d4df42F
  • Symbol: CC
  • Decimals: 18
  • Circulation: 300,000,000,000,000 CC
  • Blockchain: BEP20


    • Pre Sale – 50% of Total
    • Airdrop – 10% of Total
    • Team Dev – 5% of Total
    • Marketing – 5% of Total
    • List – 30% of Total

Claim Airdrop Token

What is CrownCoin?

CrownCoin is Hyper-deflationary with the static reflection that rewards holders, so more CC are being automatically added to your wallet each transaction. Simply hold and earn passive rewards like 5% from each transaction are automatically redistributed to the holders.

What Is AutoBoost?

AutoBoost is a one-of-a-kind function that has been built into our contract. Some are familiar with buy-back tokens, our token is not just another buy-back token.

CC AutoBoost function is built mathematically to do variable buybacks which adjust based on volume in order to maintain stability. AutoBoost will vary based on the transactions over the past 24 hours which will continue to adjust based on the volume.

AutoBoost will buy back variable amounts every time a sale occurs with a CC token. This is a one-of-a-kind function that is more powerful than just a standard buyback token.

Claim Airdrop Token

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